Dogs by nature are pack animals that if not taught to follow, will attempt to lead.  Once your dog enters your home, you and your family are your dog’s pack. It will be up to you, to take control as the pack leader to provide direction, structure and order. Dogs are more mentally comfortable when they know what is expected of them.  Mental stimulation is just as important for dogs as physical stimulation.  Dogs need to know what to do, not just what not to do.

Proper obedience training is a crucial part of creating a strong relationship between you and your dog.  The Dog Pros training techniques are used to teach the dog to truly understand the commands and therefore, really enjoy following your direction and will obey with distractions when it matters.

Basic Obedience

    • Leash walking
    • Sit/stay
    • Down/stay
    • Come command
    • Place
    • Wait
    • Retrieving
  • Airdale Terrier Dog Portrait at the Park


Advanced Obedience (off leash reliability)

All Basic obedience commands taught along with:

  • Off leash heeling
  • Return to heel
  • Stop in motion                    
  • Sit and Down in motion
  • Boundary Training- Teaching your dog yard or house boundaries
  • fehr dogs
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