The Davis Family with Rupert

Just wanted to check in with you guys and sing your praises a bit more. Rupert is doing so amazingly well. We went from a dog who barked and charged at our guests, to one who is complimented for his obedience and gentle nature. This weekend we have 10-12 people in and out of our house and he’s been awesome with them all. We were very skeptical of this situation and considered boarding him but in the end decided to just put the training to the test. WOW!!! What an experience. We are still using “place” as you instructed, and that time on the pad gives him just the time he needs to chill out and trust the situation. My mom came to visit for 10 days recently and he was the perfect gentleman the whole time. Honestly, thanks so much. He was always such a sweetheart with us in the house but his aggression toward strangers really frightened us. He’s been with us a year now (from SPCA) and we such a good long road ahead of us. Team Rupe! –Jamie Davis

The Black Family with Cramer

You guys are wonderful and Cramer is a changed dog  — it truly brings tears to my eyes to think how far he has come and how amazing he is today because of it. I only wished we had videoed his progress. We are so glad we never gave up on him and gave you guys a call. If you EVER need a reference or need us to talk with anyone who may be on the fence about this, please don’t hesitate to give them our #. I would love to help! Cramer really has changed so much since we worked with you — he is extremely loving and enjoys snuggling, he’s more confident, he knows his limits now and has so much impulse control (if he gets uncomfortable, he can control himself and walk away – sometimes he will growl but he will then remove himself from the situation vs attacking which is something he never did before). He and Jackson play like crazy now and lay together on occasion — it’s so fun to see. He even did okay with a pet sitter over Thanksgiving, it’s such a relief. We really can’t thank you guys enough and hope you’re doing well! – Sarah Black

Dr. Carrie Uehlein
I am a veterinarian in the Lake Norman area and heard about Ian from a client years ago. I have recommended him ever since and am now using him to train an untrusting rescue dog I recently adopted. He has helped all types of patients of mine … from happy go lucky puppies to fear aggressive  dogs. I completely  trust him and his reward based training. – Carrie Uehline


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